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VivAer is an In-office procedure that uses advanced radio-frequency therapy to treat nasal issues including membrane thickening.

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What is nasal obstruction/bridge collapse?

Whether it is due to irritation or mere anatomy, many patient struggle with nasal congestion and obstruction. In such condition, their airway is restricted by their own nasal anatomy, thus making breathing difficult and causing the nostril to collapse.


What is low-temp radiofrequency?

Radio frequency vibrations from the VivAer wand non-invasively heats up and cools down the nasal anatomy, thus allowing the surgeon to reshape it. After numbing local anesthetic, the procedure is a series of brief "taps" in the nasal cavities.


Procedure results and recovery

Unlike full sinus surgery, the recovery time is very minimal due to it being a non-invasive operation. Patients tend to feel results instantly with some residual swelling for a couple weeks (compared to the 4-6 weeks for sinus surgery).

JaNell, Vivaer Patient and ENT Nurse Practitioner

"VivAer exceeded my expectations. I thought I would be able to breathe better, but I didn't realize my nose would be this open. I wish I had done it sooner."

Jamie, VivAer Patient

"Everyday when I wake up, rather than feeling congested like I had been before, I feel good as new. It really feels amazing"

Mitch, VivAer patient

"The sleep is the biggest thing for me. It's much better than what I ever expected".

Patient testimonials

The video is an interview conducted by Aerin with JaNell, an otolaryngology nurse practitioner and a VivAer patient. 

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